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Our Story

Welcome to Moyarra Fine Foods, a family owned and run farm located in picturesque South Gippsland, Victoria. Set on 100 acres, we produce delicious free range pork from our herd of beautiful Berkshire pigs. Raised on high quality grain and fresh pastures, our pigs live in the environment nature intended, free to wander, root around in the paddocks and wallow in the mud.

We produce free range Berkshire pork that is both succulent and superior to the conventional pork grown in commercial shelters. Want to know more about Berkshire pigs? Click here.

Is the pork you are purchasing free range? There are lots of claims around free range pork designed to confuse the consumer into purchasing a different quality product.Click here to read about the differences around free range pork products.

Don’t forget to also visit our Purchase page to find out where you can buy our free range pork across outlets in Melbourne and Gippsland.