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Welcome to Moyarra Fine Foods, a free range Berkshire pig farm owned and operated by Tim and Kirstin Anderson and our little girl, Paige.  People we meet often ask us how or why we decided to become free range pig farmers so we thought we’d tell you a bit about ourselves.

The idea to make our lifestyle change to Kirstin’s family farm started many years ago when we decided we wanted to live more sustainably and understand where our food actually came from. As we were both raised in Melbourne and worked in professional industries we had little knowledge or exposure about how to run a farm using modern practices. So here began our journey and after many years of research and planning we left the city life in Melbourne behind in early 2013 and moved onto the farm to start work on the infrastructure needed for ourselves and the animals we intended to raise.

After renovating the old farm house just in time to welcome our daughter Paige, we then also welcomed our first two pigs, free range Berkshire gilts (a first time Mum) in early 2014. As well as wanting to live sustainably, it was also imperative to us that our animals lived in an environment that was as natural as possible – hence our choice of Berkshire pigs as with their dark skin they are more tolerant to a free range outdoor setting.  Since purchasing our first two gilts we have been continuously growing our herd and have been kept very busy with lots of little piglets arriving each month.

Our idea to move away from the city and our hectic lifestyle was the best decision we ever made. Our overall vision for our farm to operate sustainably will include the growth of many more different animals, plants and vegetables using some of the practices of permaculture (integration of the environment and people) to achieve this. We look forward to sharing more of our journey with you as our farm grows and develops in the coming years.


Our Farm


Our Farm

Our picturesque farm is situated in the lush hills of Moyarra, South Gippsland in Victoria. Prior to World War 2 the property formed part of a 300 acre settlement which was subsequently divided and purchased by soldiers at the conclusion of the war. One of these soldiers was Kirstin’s grandfather and together with her grandmother they successfully ran a dairy and beef cattle business for many years on their 100 acre home. Kirstin grew up spending weekends and holidays on the farm and dreamed that one day she and her family would be able to live off the land, just like her grandparents had.

This dream became reality for us in early 2013 when we moved onto the farm to begin living our lives in a more sustainable manner raising our first of many animals, free range Berkshire pigs. We have recently also acquired a small herd of cattle that are enjoying the abundance of grass available in our paddocks that are not suited to pigs.