As Greedy As A ………

As Greedy As A ………

While feeding this afternoon I noticed a very peculiar behaviour by one the pigs. If you haven’t seen pigs eat before I will give you an idea. You could probably liken them a bit to teenagers. They will push and shove each other to get to feed and if you put more down they will rush over to get the new lot even though it is the same as what they already have. They will even step through the feed they are eating to get to another pigs feed. They will also leave copious amounts of feed if they think someone else has something better.

It is absolute mayhem but this eventually settles down to the point where there are just a few swapping back and forth every few seconds. I find this is the best time to count them if you are quick. It is while I was counting this afternoon that I saw the odd behaviour.

It generally looks like the pigs are fighting when eating but they are just being greedy. They will push other pigs with their snouts and even sometimes bite them if they don’t leave their food alone. Generally one of the pigs will back off and find another pile of food to eat. Watching two of the pigs fight over food I noticed one of them that was being a bully to another stop, and walk away to another pile of food.

Now normally at this stage both of those pigs would either eat from their prospective piles of food or find another pile that someone else is eating from and bully them. The pig that was previously being bullied actually followed the bullying pig and bit him on the bum before he had got to his new pile of food. He then happily proceeded back to his original pile of food. This was actually vindictive payback that I have never seen before in a pig. The pig had left all of it’s food to get payback on another pig.

I’ve never seen a pig hand out justice before. Usually it will be over feed or territory, not as payback. We would love to hear if you have similar stories about pigs or any other animal in general so please feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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