Little Helpers

Little Helpers

We have transformed the old milking shed into a place where mothers and their litters can leave the paddock and come and get out of the cold. To entice the piglets to go in there we have placed heat lamps like the one pictured. We put fresh hay and there are water drinkers for mothers and smaller ones for piglets. This makes it a nice environment where pigs can get away from the extremes of the weather.

We have been getting some rock laid down near the shed in the last week in a bit of a muddy area to try and dry it up. We had to dig out the mud first and unfortunately with the last scrape of the backhoe we hit an underground power line. Of course the power went out which took out the heat lamps.

The peculiar things is, while the power was being fixed the piglets thought they would try and help get things back to normal as well. The heat lamps are positioned high enough so they can’t touch them and even then the lamp is positioned right up the top of the plastic cover. When I went in to check on them I noticed the lamp had been unscrewed from inside the plastic lamp cover and placed on the floor.

So here’s what I think is the most plausible explanation. Four of the piglets realised the heat lamps had gone out and came up with a plan to get them going again. One piglet got on the shoulders of another with the help of the other two. He then reached up and held onto the lamp inside the cover. The two piglets that lifted this piglet onto the shoulders of the other then lifted and rotated the bottom piglet in an anti clockwise direction seven to eight times. Which is what it takes to undo one of these lamps.

Unfortunately once the lamp came out they realised it was a halogen and they shouldn’t have touched it with their bare trotters. At this point they just gave up hope of fixing it and threw it on the floor. I told them I am not making little gloves for their trotters and that they should leave the more technical things up to the humans.

We have raised the heat lamps high enough now so it is a five piglet job to unscrew the lamp. Pigs really do send you nutty some times.

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