Our Landcare Story So Far

Our Landcare Story So Far

Two and half years ago when we moved onto the family farm, there were roughly 60 trees which were mostly all cypress. There were large gullies that were making parts of the farm unusable from all the water flowing down them and land slips were happening on a more constant basis. With the much needed help of the local Landcare group we have now planted out all these gullies and landslip areas with native trees and shrubs. In total we have planted 13,000 plants over a two year period.

It has been a mammoth task as all the areas have to be fenced off so pigs and cattle cannot get in and destroy the plants. On top of this, the preparation that goes into organising the planting days from sorting and watering plants to making sure the troops are fed means we are very tired little environmentalists once the plants are in the ground and everyone goes home.

Of course none of it could be possible without the volunteers who come on the planting days. The local Landcare volunteers, local and corporate businesses, schools, friends and family are the ones who make a near impossible job possible.

The below photos are the results so far of our first planting in October of 2014. That year we thought we may have left it too late to plant and our survival rate may not have been very good. Luckily we had unseasonal weather that made our planting thrive and this has ensured the plants have survived and are still going strong. These 7000 plants were planted over two days by Bass Coast Landcare volunteers and staff, National Australia Bank volunteers, and lots of family and friends.




The photos below are from our planting last year in July 2015. We planted a bit earlier that year to ensure good weather conditions for the plants but the following months were not ideal. Our survival rate was not as good as the first year although the coverage is still pretty good and the plants that did survive are going strong. These 6000 plants were planted in the pouring rain by Bass Coast Landcare volunteers and staff, and a volunteer group of staff and students from Koo Wee Rup Secondary College . On the second day we again had Bass Coast Landcare volunteers and staff, family and friends. On that second day Tim decided he didn’t want to plant anything so elected to drive the side by side vehicle into a land slip and break the dashboard with his face. I’ll write another post on the vehicle mishaps we have had on the farm but needless to say the day didn’t go completely as planned and we didn’t get all the plants in the ground. Over a few more days Tim, Kirstin, Paige and a few friends got the rest of the plants into the ground.



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