Solving Technology Problems With Traditional Methods

Solving Technology Problems With Traditional Methods

In a previous post “Weighing The Pig Will Not Make It Fatter”, we explained how we weigh our pigs and also how our weigh scale reads the pigs ‘EID tag and records information about the pig. Unfortunately it has been doing too good of a job and trying to read the EID tags before the pig even gets near the weigh scale. We turned down its sensitivity all the way but it was still trying to read lots of EID numbers at the same time.

Our solution to this problem was to build a second gate that would keep the pigs at a distance that wouldn’t set off the weigh scale reader but could also be opened by the person operating the weigh scale.

We had an old truck gate that was lying around which would be a perfect fit when cut in half. We also found some marine board that was left over from building some feed storage bins and screwed this to the truck gate which made up our door.

We had to purchase a cavity slider rail kit from the local hardware store for the door to slide on but now that this was all in place all we had to do was make up a mechanism to move the door while still standing at the weigh scale. All that was needed to make the mechanism was some scrap metal, a lot of cursing, and a little welding.

I wasn’t sure how the gate would fair but the pigs got used to it really quickly and now they come up to the gate and wait their turn. Just one simple idea with mostly scrap parts and minimal cost has turned a headache of a process into an efficient no stress operation for both humans and pigs.

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